Vivien Leigh Reid Series

Blood is thicker than water…and more powerful than all the hot guys in Hollywood

The last thing Vivien Leigh Reid wants is to be like her film diva mother. Annika Anderson left her family behind to find fame in Hollywood, and created a rift that could never heal. Or so it seems, until Leigh’s dad ships her off to Ireland to reconnect with Annika on a film set.

No one is more surprised than Leigh to discover that Annika’s burning passion for acting runs through her own veins. But along with natural talent comes the debilitating Diva Gene, which activates when Leigh gets her first acting break. Growing success may throw handsome men into their paths, but it’s one heartache after another as the drama spills off set.

In life, there’s no Take Two… unless you’re Leigh and Annika. As mother and daughter navigate minefields in Hollywood and romance, will their best performance in a supporting role be helping each another?

If you love heartwarming mother and daughter stories and coming-of-age rom-coms, you’ll want to grab the entire Vivien Leigh Reid series today!

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