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If you’re a teen looking for fun, feisty advice on how to live your best, happiest life, we’ve got you covered in Totally Me: The Teenage Girl’s Survival Guide. Newsflash: good advice doesn’t need to be boring. You can laugh your way all the way to confidence with us.

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Totally Me: The Teenage Girl's Survival Guide – New Edition

Is everyone around you taking life too seriously and stressing you out?

Your parents probably gave you this book and you’re wondering what’s in it for you. Why would they even think you need an advice book? Maybe you think they need an advice book.

But guess what? By the time you finish reading, you’ll be managing your parents like a pro. Use this guide well and you’ll become a chill goddess who handles family, friendships and romantic relationships with ease. That’s because your relationship with yourself will change. You’ll gain confidence and begin the journey of self-mastery.

Best of all… you’ll actually enjoy this book!

These are big promises, but we’re confident we can deliver because we know teens. We’ve been writing for you for decades. We’ve got a unique perspective on the world, and we’re pretty darned funny.

One day you might say, “This book got me through high school.” We’ve heard that before, and nothing pleases us more.

Ready to crack the code to a happy, successful life? Read on!

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The Black Sheep

Just a guy and a girl… and a million viewers.

Kendra Bishop is so frustrated with her conservative parents that she agrees to swap families as part of a reality TV show called The Black Sheep. Leaving Manhattan behind, she joins the free-spirited Mulligans in Monterey, California, along with their five kids, a pet ferret and an ever-present camera crew.

Just down the hall is her hot new TV “brother,” Mitch, who initially wants nothing to do with the show or Kendra. But when she embraces the family’s environmental cause at the aquarium, he warms up … at least until Judy, the show’s scheming producer, shamelessly exploits their budding romance for ratings.
With the nation watching, can Kendra outwit Judy and discover the true meaning of love and family? Can she ever go home again, even if she wants to?

Get this clean, funny and touching fish-out-of-water tale now!

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Girl v. Boy

One girl, one guy … and an anonymous battle-of-the-sexes column in the school newspaper.

Luisa Perez normally plays it safe on the sidelines, but when she’s asked to pen an anonymous column for the school paper about a city-wide literacy fundraiser, she can’t say no. Writing might just be her ticket to college, and out of a tough situation at home.

Disguised as “Newshound,” Lu reports on fundraising events from the female perspective, while rival columnist, “Scoop,” offers the male point of view. Their provocative posts trigger a gender war that inflames the entire student body.

While undercover, Lu meets the perfect guy. Joey is smart, kind… and hot, too. But it’s so hard to trust when Scoop’s columns reveal what’s really going on inside the brain of the modern Neanderthal male.

Lu vows to do whatever it takes to expose Scoop, even if it gets her in deep trouble at school and costs her an amazing boyfriend. All’s fair in love, war and high school journalism. But will the rival writers still hate each other when the masks come off?

This lighthearted coming of age rom-com will keep you guessing till the last sweet sigh.

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Love, Inc.

When three girls get their hearts broken by the same guy, they don't just get mad, they get even. And then they get rich.

Zahra, Kali, and Syd meet by chance in group counselling for teens of divorced families. When cheerful, diplomatic Zahra discovers they’re all dating one nefarious charmer, she’s devastated. Rico had been her rock and sole confidant. How could she have missed the signs? Did the misunderstandings and culture clashes within her own family make her blind to the truth in relationships?

Kali and Syd are equally distressed by the betrayal, and the three girls join forces to show the cheater the folly of his ways. The mission is such a success that other teens offer to pay for their consulting services, and “Love, Incorporated” is born.

Soon they’re so busy with matchmaking, mediation and meting out revenge that Zahra lets down her guard and risks romance again. But when business gets too demanding, can she handle the pressure without falling apart? Or will Love, Inc. sink into oblivion?

Get this clean, laugh-out-loud story about the redeeming powers of friendship, love and family now!

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Bad for Business (Love, Inc. #2)

Can you put a price on love? Kali, Zahra and Syd sure can. Especially when so many romance-challenged teens are willing to pay for their help.

Kali Esposito, matchmaker extraordinaire, couldn’t be happier that Love, Inc., the relationship management service she created with best friends, Syd and Zahra, is back in business. After a brief setback, the girls are once again using their skills to help lovelorn teens to break-up, make-up or take-up with someone new.

Fun, flirtatious Kali is cautious about commitment herself—no big surprise when your mom has racked up multiple divorces—but she’s a diehard romantic when it comes to bringing other people together. What’s more, her end-to-end makeovers can transform the most socially-challenged client into a confident charmer. The “Kali Method” she develops helps Love, Inc. expand beyond what the girls had dared hope.

But when a competitor steals the Kali Method and corrupts it to turn average guys into devious players, Kali is forced to rethink her views on love. Can she come up with a plan to reclaim Love, Inc.’s trade secrets before every girl in Texas gets her heart broken… including her own?

Find out by grabbing this clean, hilarious coming of age story now!

This sequel to Love, Inc. draws you right back into the heartwarming, hilarious adventures of three irrepressible romantics who will stop at nothing to see a relationship set right.

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Vivien Leigh Reid Series

Blood is thicker than water…and more powerful than all the hot guys in Hollywood

The last thing Vivien Leigh Reid wants is to be like her film diva mother. Annika Anderson left her family behind to find fame in Hollywood, and created a rift that could never heal. Or so it seems, until Leigh’s dad ships her off to Ireland to reconnect with Annika on a film set.

No one is more surprised than Leigh to discover that Annika’s burning passion for acting runs through her own veins. But along with natural talent comes the debilitating Diva Gene, which activates when Leigh gets her first acting break. Growing success may throw handsome men into their paths, but it’s one heartache after another as the drama spills off set.

In life, there’s no Take Two… unless you’re Leigh and Annika. As mother and daughter navigate minefields in Hollywood and romance, will their best performance in a supporting role be helping each another?

If you love heartwarming mother and daughter stories and coming-of-age rom-coms, you’ll want to grab the entire Vivien Leigh Reid series today!

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