Love, Inc.

When three girls get their hearts ♥ broken by the same guy, they don't just get mad, they get even. And then they get rich. But can they love again?

Zahra, Kali, and Syd meet by chance in group counselling for teens of divorced families. When cheerful, diplomatic Zahra discovers they’re all dating one nefarious charmer, she’s devastated. Rico had been her rock and sole confidant. How could she have missed the signs? The misunderstandings and culture clashes within her own family must have blinded her to the truth in relationships.

Kali and Syd are equally distressed by the betrayal, and the three girls join forces to show the cheater the folly of his ways. The mission is such a success that other teens eagerly offer to pay for their consulting services, and “Love, Incorporated” is born.

Soon they’re so busy with matchmaking, mediation and meting out revenge that Zahra lets down her guard and gives romance a second chance. But when business gets too good, can she handle the pressure without falling apart … or will Love, Inc. tank and take them all down with it?

Get this clean, laugh-out-loud story about the redeeming powers of friendship, love and family now!



“Zahra's struggle to reconcile her Scottish American heritage with her mother's Muslim traditions and her sarcastic quips with her Pakistani grandparents, who are ready to marry her off to the first eligible Member of the Tribe, add depth to this breezy, happy-ending romance.”

“Following her parents' separation, Zahra is forced into group therapy, where she meets Kali and Syd. The three girls quickly find that fractured families are not all they have in common—it turns out that they are all dating the same guy. Despite their differences, they find they are all good at one thing: revenge. After trashing their boyfriend's … reputation, they decide to offer their services to others. The specialty at Love, Inc., is initially payback, but the three jilted girls find they have a wider range of love-related services to offer. Genuinely endearing, narrator Zahra reacts authentically to betrayal, her parents' separation and the confusion of assimilating her Pakistani and Scottish-American roots. Smart dialogue and a hip cast of characters keep the story engaging…”
   —Kirkus Reviews

“This is a breezy read with strong appeal for those looking for something ‘clean' to enjoy.”

“While marriage breakdown and its effect on children, the complexities of relationships, teen romance, and cross-cultural conflicts join the usual teen problem issues raised in the novel, the developing relationships among the three girls remains the central focus. Well-paced prose, snappy dialogue, plenty of humorous antics, and quirky, appealing main and varied secondary characters combine to present an amusing and entertaining chic lit novel that should appeal to young adult readers.”
   —CM Magazine