The Black Sheep

Just a guy and a girl… and a million viewers.

Kendra Bishop is so frustrated with her conservative parents that she agrees to swap families as part of a reality TV show called The Black Sheep. Leaving Manhattan behind, she joins the free-spirited Mulligans in Monterey, California, along with their five kids, a pet ferret and an ever-present camera crew.

Just down the hall is her hot new TV “brother,” Mitch, who initially wants nothing to do with the show or Kendra. But when she embraces the family’s environmental cause at the aquarium, he warms up … at least until Judy, the show’s scheming producer, shamelessly exploits their budding romance for ratings.
With the nation watching, can Kendra outwit Judy and discover the true meaning of love and family? Can she ever go home again, even if she wants to?

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“Reality TV and environmental activism give a trendy spin to Collins and Rideout's cheery fish-out-of-water romance… Kendra's bright and breezy first-person narration moves things along at a rapid clip and the larger-than-life personalities and plot are balanced by her heartfelt reflections on family and fame.”
   — Publisher's Weekly

“Kendra is an admirable character who discovers inner strength while thrust in a sink-or-swim environment.”
   — Kirkus Reviews

“This is all hilariously over the top. The authors have the reality-show shenanigans down pat… Au courant.”
   — Booklist

“This fun book should enthrall most girls… The television twist makes it fresh and new.”
   — VOYA

“It's a battle of wit and wills until the very end. Punctuated by funny dialogue from Judy ordering her production crew around, this is a great send-up of reality TV in an entertaining and palatable coming-of-age romance.”
   — Children's Literature

“With clever dialogue, an ingenious plot and a contemporary flavour, this is novel that is sure to be a hit with young adults.”
   — Winnipeg Free Press

“THE BLACK SHEEP is not only funny but also heartwarming. The characters are as charming as the ones you see on actual reality shows, and Kendra Bishop is that one person that everyone loves, roots for, and hopes to see succeed.”