Totally Me: The Teenage Girl's Survival Guide – New Edition

Is everyone around you taking life too seriously and stressing you out?

Your parents probably gave you this book and you’re wondering what’s in it for you. Why would they even think you need an advice book? Maybe you think they need an advice book.

But guess what? By the time you finish reading, you’ll be managing your parents like a pro. Use this guide well and you’ll become a chill goddess who handles family, friendships and romantic relationships with ease. That’s because your relationship with yourself will change. You’ll gain confidence and begin the journey of self-mastery.

Best of all… you’ll actually enjoy this book!

These are big promises, but we’re confident we can deliver because we know teens. We’ve been writing for you for decades. We’ve got a unique perspective on the world, and we’re pretty darned funny.

One day you might say, “This book got me through high school.” We’ve heard that before, and nothing pleases us more.

Ready to crack the code to a happy, successful life? Read on!

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