yvonne & sandy
yvonne & sandy

Shatterproof Shatterproof

She's got it all under control...

As project manager in a large consulting firm, Ellie Hudson is used to controlling every aspect of her life. It's worked so well that she's succeeded in firm known for its "glass ceiling."

Until she doesn't...

When long-time boyfriend, Noah, surprises Ellie with a Valentine's Day proposal at the same time as a huge promotion looms, she's rattled. If she says "yes" to Noah, her boss will consider it a "no" to taking her career to the next level.

When everything starts to unravel...

Ruthless rival, Baxter Thorpe, captures Ellie's first professional misstep on film. It's a perfectly innocent kiss, but it won't look that way to the company... or to Noah. Baxter starts spreading the word, setting off a chain reaction that Ellie seems powerless to stop.

The only thing left is magic...

With an ever-expanding web of cracks threatening to shatter everything she holds dear, Ellie throws common sense to the winds and buys a vial of "Wonder Glass." Can this so-called magic potion deliver on its promise and put her life back together again?

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Amazon Digital Services (February 6, 2012)


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